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Welcome To Your
Virtual Online Brow Training Course

If you are serious about your career and passion then you deserve to be in good hands.  You deserve to be able to train and learn from the best!


You Are The Expert

This brow training course is designed to help stylist learn and become more confident in the art of waxing eyebrows.  This course will also give you new ideas in how to create stunning individualized brow looks 

The Ultimate Formula to Turn Your Skills and Passions into a Money-Making Machine 

This course will be used to give you a formula to turn your skills/passions up a notch.  This step-by-step guide will give you personal tools to add to your skillset 

In this Virtual Course we will cover

#1 Brow Artist in the city 


- want to make more money

-want to service your clients better and help them have better brow results

-want to add another income onto your already income

-want more returning clients 

-want your clients brows to last longer 

-want to increase your client base 

-want to learn how to master different brows 

-want to be able to ask questions about a brow you may be struggling to perfect 

-want to learn what to do and what not to do with a brow 

-live training sessions 

-learning how to follow your gut

-live Q&A

-you will learn 3 brows each course and be able to go over what's needed for each brow

want to learn what it takes and what to do then this course is for you!

take this time to sow into you


Your Course Instructor 

My name is Dara Beasley known in the industry as The Brow Dr.  As a master stylist of brows, I've been in the business for over 17 years overseeing countless stylist and 5000+ brow clients.  I've mastered the art of brows; how to train them, how to fix them, the timing of their growth, how and when they grow, why they don't grow, and much more.  This experience has lead me to oversee training sessions and several stylist in the beauty industry.  Along with my expertise as a stylist & business owner this has lead me to meet all types of woman: From those starting their own business and wanting guidance on moving forward and solidifying spots in the beauty industry to woman who want help with life changing ideas for making money moves.  My talents and knowledge in the industry have helped me secure a large clientele base and a daily growing business.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What time does the Class Start 


The virtual training will begin Sunday Feb 12 at 12:00pm est and will end at 4:00pm est.

Where is the Class

The class will be held via zoom.  You will receive the information the morning of the class (10:00 am est)

What do I need for the class

you will be prompted to purchase your kit below from the Amazon store.  Only the starred items will be mandatory for the class.  The products that are discussed in the class will be in the store for future purchase.

Do I have to live in the USA to join the live training 

You will not have to be a United States residence to join the class it will be held for all countries to view. 


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