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The Brow Dr RX Growth Elixir


The Brow Growth Elixir

Founder & CEO Dara 

This product is packed with 3 major growing ingredients that work together to regrow revive replenish and renew your brows.  This product was created by our CEO Dara who has 16 years experience of working with all brows but mainly brows that have been destroyed over time by improper care.  This product has been formulated over the last 3 years and tested on hundreds of clients at no charge to come up with the perfect formula to work on all types of brow hair follicles.  Our CEO has taken her time to come up with a product that works on clients with alopecia cancer and just your normal hormonal changing brows.  Ingredients such as biotin collagen saw palmetto MSM and a host of thickening oils, this product is a miracle in a bottle!!


We are looking for BROW BABE AMBASSADORS

if you think this is you please head over to our "become an ambassador" page and fill out the applications 

(restrictions apply)


Hair and Beard Growth RX Elixir

What separates our product is we have formulated a host of other growing products such as The Hair Grow Elixir and The Beard Grow Elixir all hand made to perfection that can also be custom made to fit the clients grow issues 

(you can indicate your issues in the comment section when you purchase or chat live with us to indicate your issues)

30 Day Brow Grow Challenge 

Our Ceo has created a product that has been formulated to help your follicles "over stimulate" during your "menstrual cycle" time. This is the time that your brows grow the most.  Hair growth is hormonal and we have put together products that help ignite growth during that time. During the 30 days you will use this Brow Grow Serum every day to help awaken the dormant hair follicles.  Ceo Dara says that "we all have over plucked and over razored waxed or threaded our brows at some point in our lives, so I have created a product for the woman who looked in the mirror one day after years of improper care and said I want my brows back"

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