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Here is where you will find our most frequently asked questions.  

This section will often change so please don't hesitate to stop here first.

-where are you located:  Columbus Ohio 131 S. Yearling rd

-how do I book an appointment:  you will go to the appointment section and select book an appointment.

-do I have to pay a deposit:  Only new clients will pay non-refundable deposit that will apply to your service

-does tint come with your service:  Henna is added to every brow service.  Tint is an additional fee.

-can I just get henna or tint:  You can get either service if you are a current brow babe.  You will need to get your initial service with our staff before getting any tint services. 

-how do I get in contact with a stylist:  You will contact us by text at 937-303-8242

-henna vs. tint:  Tint is a chemical process and henna is all natural.  Both last as long as your skin and hair follicles allow.

-can I buy the tint:  We do sell our henna but the tint is not for sell you can purchase it in the store section of the website

-do you offer brow training:  We do offer a training course and all details are found in the brow training course section.

-is there a deposit:  Deposits are only for new Brow Babes only on their first visit.  Your card will need to be on file to book and we do implement same day cancelations and no show fees.  Please visit your booking email for details on those fees.

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