This is an 8 hr training course that will teach you the most important tools to master brows and consistently be able to give your new brow clients the brow of their dreams every time.  Your kit will provide you with a detailed book and tools needed to execute the mission.

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Thank you so much for your interest in receiving training from our Master Brow Technician.  She has been in the brow game for over 16 years and holds a great standing with over 2000 brow babes.  With our training process we value and want to provide you with the most adequate information to aide you in a successful brow course! 

Our training course is offered to licensed estheticians and professionals only.  We also provide classes to up and coming students. The cost of the training class is $800 and a non-refundable deposit in the amount of $250 must be made in order to hold your spot and must be paid 1 week prior to the class. You will be given an EXTENSIVE amount of information in a short period of time.  We have created a course that took 3 years to create and 5 years to execute due to the amount of knowledge needed. We wanted to make SURE it was right!  This course is NOT to be taken if you are not a stylist who isn’t able to work with a lot of information given at one time!   We highly suggest that if you take the class to make SURE you are ready to learn, and quick.  After you’ve taken the class we also provide a place of employment for stylist who want to continue working with The Brow Dr herself to gain more knowledge.   She has created an amazing platform in the brow industry and has room to house stylist who want to build the brand be the brand live the brand and add amazing clients to their roster.   We hope that you have an amazing time gaining information with us by learning the brand and techniques that will follow your brow business to the top!


Thank You


The Brow Dr



Thebrowdrteam@gmail.com attn: BROW DR MASTER TRAINING COURSE